Thursday, June 10, 2010

Areas of Experience

  • Responsible for leading weekly leadership training for adult team leaders
  • Selected for "Cadre" mentoring program with Jeanne Mayo
  • Completed Life Charter School Practicum: Administrative Charter Training
  • Served as liaison between church and charter school
  • Assisted Lead Pastor in the acquisition of a $2,500,000 building
  • Responsible for leading, training, and empowering ministry team leaders
  • Chaplain for high school baseball team - Visalia
  • Led & facilitated 42+ student home groups - The Oaks Fellowship
  • Member of leadership team responsible for development and execution of annual "Lift Conference" for student pastors and leaders
Communicator / Teacher
  • Featured speaker for Tulare County Baccalaureate Service
  • Sought-after speaker for public events as well as camps, retreats and services
  • Extensive experience ministering in adult, youth and college services
  • Taught monthly membership classes & leadership training classes
  • Created and launched School of Leadership, a nine program - Visalia
  • Partnered with city 5 times a year for city-wide student church - Visalia
  • Proposed and facilitated creation of camp for student ministry - Visalia
  • Developed weekly campus ministries for 2 major high schools - Visalia
  • Organized donation of Chevy Tahoe and $7,000 video audio system for student ministry
  • Creation & implementation of summer student discipleship programs for numerous churches
  • Organized & launched small group ministries
  • Helped create, develop & execute numerous annual events including summer camps, retreats, fine arts, and leadership retreats
Catalyst / Activator
  • Launched young adult ministry - Visalia
  • Raised $30,000 to launch student ministry for church plant - Stonebridge Church
  • Helped facilitate the launch of the first charter school in Collin County Texas
  • Implemented "24/7" student leadership program
  • Launched & developed "Campus Image," a campus bible club ministry growing to over 1,000 students in just 2 school years - The Oaks Fellowship
  • Facilitated growth of student ministry from 110 students to over 600 in 5 years - The Oaks Fellowship
Recruiter & Team Builder
  • Personally recruited & trained over 150 leaders for student ministry - The Oaks Fellowship
  • Trained and empowered leaders for student small groups

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