Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ministry Break Down

Junior High/ Life Pastor– The Oaks Fellowship

Seven Student Ministries

  • Created & implemented summer student discipleship program
  • Created & implemented junior high home group ministry
  • Launched Campus Image
    • Campus Bible Club ministry that grew to over 1000 students weekly in attendance
  • Started 24/7 (student leadership program)
  • Facilitated all 42 home groups within Seven Student Ministries
  • Handled hospital, crisis and disciplinary situations for Seven Student Ministries
  • Personally recruited over 150 leaders for Seven Student Ministries
  • Help grow Seven Student Ministries from 110 students to over 600 in 5 years
  • Helped create, organize, promote and implement the following annual events:
    • One Night (large evangelistic nights with 2500+ in attendance)
    • Camps
    • Retreats
    • Fine Arts
    • Leadership Retreats
    • Lift Conference (conference for Student Pastors & Leadership)

Associate Pastor & Student Ministries Pastor – Stonebridge Church

Stonebridge Church

  • Preached as needed in adult service
  • Responsible for leading team of Ministry Coordinators
  • Helped train Small Group Leaders and facilitate Small Group Ministry
  • Taught monthly membership class as needed
  • Assisted with weekly set up of portable church
  • Coordinated Stonebridge Church participation in annual City of McKinney Easter Egg Hunt
  • Assisted the Lead Pastor in the acquisition of a $2,500,000.00 building
  • Assisted in the launch of the first charter school in Collin County
  • Served as the Liaison between Stonebridge Church and Life Charter Schools of McKinney

House Student Ministries

  • Preached weekly in House Student Ministry service
  • Led in raising $30,000.00 to launch House Student Ministries
  • Launched House Student Ministries
  • Prepared and trained home group leaders
  • Launched weekly student home group ministry
  • Launched annual summer student discipleship program

High School Pastor & Young Adult Pastor – Visalia First Assemblies of God

Rooted Young Adult Ministries

  • Launched Young Adult Ministry of Visalia First A/G
  • Preached weekly in Rooted service
  • Launched weekly small group ministry
  • Launched School of Leadership SOCAL, a nine month internship program
  • Led students to engage in over a dozen social activism projects in our community
  • Launched a weekly leadership training for adult leadership

419 Student Ministries

  • Preached weekly in 419 Student Ministry service
  • Got a Chevy Tahoe donated, as well as a $7000 video, audio system installed with a 419 wrap
  • Launched weekly student small group ministry
  • Organized the relocation of our student ministry to another location and night
  • Launched annual summer student discipleship program
  • Launched a weekly leadership training for adult leadership
  • Developed weekly campus ministries at two major High Schools
  • Chaplain of the high school baseball team closest to our church
  • Organized and implemented student ministry camp
  • Facilitated two mission trips to Los Angeles and Mexico
  • Partnered with the city of Visalia five times a year for a city wide student event at our church
  • Coordinated Weekly Chapel Services for Visalia Christian School

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